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Hiking Routes

Above is the map for the western side of our area with hiking routes highlighted. The eastern map is available at the bottom of the page. 

There are at least 7 different routes available for you to hike to our place, as well as numerous day hikes available from our house with routes for all fitness levels. When you make your booking, please feel free to contact us by email and we will help you plan your hiking days. This page is going to be updated with better maps of each of the routes and detailed descriptions as we improve this page.

Some of our favorite hikes: (Click on the hike to open up full hiking details)

Nishi-Agano station -> 3 waterfalls -> Takayama Fudo Shrine -> Mountain Village -> Hikers B&B - Approximately 11 km total

Agano Station -> Koburi-toge -> Hikers BnB - 5km total  (East Map Blue Route)

Hikers BnB -> Kuroyama 3 waterfalls -> Hikers BnB (Loop route) - 5km

Higashi-Agano station -> Adera Temple -> Koburi-toge -> Hikers BnB - 14 km

Agano Station -> Takayamo Fudo Shrine -> Kanhashu Viewpoint -> Hikers BnB - 8km 

You can download PDF versions of the map at the following links:

Hiker's B&B West Map

Hiker's B&B East Map

Hiker's B&B West Map
Hiker's B&B East Map
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