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Our Facility

We have built a traditional American Style log house and have 4 guest rooms available. In addition to the guestrooms there are 2 balconies available for you to enjoy the amazing view, as well as common lounge space on the 2nd floor. You are also welcome to make use of our living room area with it's amazingly comfortable American reclining sofa, and dining area. 

Organic Environment

Being the parents of a young child and wanting to create a safe space for him as well as our guests with children, we have chosen only natural products to use inside our home. Just as an example, the floors are finished with Auro 129, a beeswax and orange oil based product that protects the floor, but is completely safe for children and pets. All walls and other surfaces are natural wood with no additional treatment. One of the first things you will notice upon entering the house is the smell of wood. 

Lodging Rates and Booking System

Our rooms can accommodate up to 4 adults in each room. Elementary aged kids stay for 1,500 yen per night, and pre-school and younger are free. Middle school and up should be booked as adults.


At this time, our reservation system can only book 1 room at a time, so if your group has more than 4 adults, please make individual reservations for each room. If you try to search for 4 or more adults, the system will show there is no availability. 

*Weekdays - Room with 1 person: 8,000 yen plus 5,000 yen for each additional person

*Weekends and National Holidays - Room with 1 person: 10,000 yen plus 5,000 yen for each additional person.

*Pets - 2,000 yen for 1 dog

Please review our full reservation policy before booking.

Pre-payment is requested

When making your booking, we request that you pay the full cost of the stay at the time of reservation by credit card, or via bank transfer within 48 hours. To use bank transfer please select pay later when making your booking. If payment is not received and you have not contacted us, we may cancel your reservation. If you are reserving less than 48 hours before your stay, then please make payment via credit card.

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